An actual account from people who know what to do in the south tampa area.

SOHO stands for 'South Howard' which is a popular street in south tampa. The south tampa area begins  immediately south of the popular road called Kennedy Blvd and extends as far as Gandy Blvd, including the world famous Bayshore blvd and even Bay to Bay Blvd. In this area you will find a group of resturants and bars all along Howard ave in the Hyde Park. Some bars are beer and wine only, some serve food, and some have that club feel. All in all, what ever kind of bar feel you are going for; it can be found in south tampa bay. You can find the ever so popular, south tampa staple,  MacDinton's in the heart of this area and many others bars surrounding it. Through out south tampa you will find good looking 20-somethings all over. You will find anything from a posh night club in the Kennedy, to a hole in the wall, cash only bar in the Tiny Tap.  All bars in the South Tampa area close at 3 a.m. See any of the links in the right sidebar to check out details on any of the South Tampa Bars or Clubs.

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Google Map and Places points in the local area of South Tampa.